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16 Things I Came To Love In 2016

My friends, because of the amount of things that have happened in this year, and because of my lack of determination to discuss them all as they occurred throughout the year, I’ve  compiled a list of all the things I’ve come to love in 2016 year. And while this is not an exhaustive list, these things, places and… Continue reading 16 Things I Came To Love In 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Five Minute Friday: Celebrate

Celebrate It’s just been one of those weeks fortnights, you know. Bad news, scary news, heartbreaking events, discouraging results, no progress, too much to do, tough situations, discouraging conversations, worried/weepy nights, stressful/sweaty days, not enough sleep, sleeping too much, too cold, too hot, not fast enough … Not thankful enough. In the middle of a rough couple of weeks,… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Celebrate