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16 Things I Came To Love In 2016

My friends, because of the amount of things that have happened in this year, and because of my lack of determination to discuss them all as they occurred throughout the year, I’ve  compiled a list of all the things I’ve come to love in 2016 year. And while this is not an exhaustive list, these things, places and… Continue reading 16 Things I Came To Love In 2016

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The Best Christmas Ever

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It was 2 weeks ago, Christmas Day. My family was roughly 2.5 hours into our weekend-before-finals getaway. We were listening to A Veggie Tales Christmas Party for probably the 97th time in our lives.

It’s been a tradition, time out of mind, to listen to this every Christmas Season (often several times a season). This was the first listening of the 2015 season.

We sung along with Larry and Manuel on Feliz Navidad (“Which means ‘Merry Christmas’, in Spanish. It also has some other words which mean, ‘I wish you a prosperous year and happiness’. Right Manuel?”).

Continue reading “The Best Christmas Ever”

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12-15 in 158 Words

Here we are. I am currently 4 full days into Christmas break, and I’m just now sitting down to have a word with you. The last 2 weeks have been good. I’ve taken a certification test for school and passed, decorated gingerbread people, been on a road trip, colored several coloring pages, taken final exams and finished the… Continue reading 12-15 in 158 Words

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A word for the start of Finals Week

So this is finals week for me at college. I begin it knowing that I have 2 lab Practicals, 3 cumulative tests, and 2 chapter tests over today, tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ve been dreaming, slightly distressing dreams, about finals for a couple nights. Why am I dreading it so much, you ask? Well, I’m studying technology,… Continue reading A word for the start of Finals Week