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Filled Up

The past 2 and 1/2 months have been so full. There’s been a lot of school work but also a lot of growing, learning, discovering, creating, serving and loving going on.

Here are a few snap shots…


2016 began with a celebration at our abode with the Church Family.

We boxed with the Flash.
We played the keyboard, no keys required.
We did sparklers in our sopping yard.
And we ate lots of cheese.

In the month of January, Badminton was a big thing.

Please pardon the sun streaked photo. January is a great month to get Vitamin D in Mississippi.

My sister and I cleaned out our old toys. It was hard to let go of some of these guys.

I blame Toy Story.

I also welcomed 3 amazing students to my studio. So I reorganized it to better suit our needs.

February hit and with it came some great time spent with church ladies,



The Super Bowl. (Read “cheese dip”.)


Then flowers started blooming!


And then came my 21st birthday…

Nothing happened that day but school work and chicken and rice for lunch and supper, due to the fact that my dad, my brother and my sister had all come down with a stomach virus a couple days before. I have no pictures for that, but if I did you wouldn’t want to see them.

It wasn’t pretty.

I do have pictures for the day after though. Because my sister was feeling well enough for coffee and a trip to downtown.

I feel like this Photo should have an important place on the blog…


We went to an antiques “experience”. It was an experience.


Every where you looked there was something cool to see.

The old building where it was held was enough to make me stop for photos.


Since then there’s been more school, Bible studies, surprises, and just a week ago I was at my first D-Now spending time with some amazing girls, talking about loving the Lord.

These past few days were my Spring break. Maybe you’ll hear about it soon. Whether you do or not, you should know, it was great.

How have your last 2.5 months been? I’d really love to hear what you’ve been up to!


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