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The Best Christmas Ever

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It was 2 weeks ago, Christmas Day. My family was roughly 2.5 hours into our weekend-before-finals getaway. We were listening to A Veggie Tales Christmas Party for probably the 97th time in our lives.

It’s been a tradition, time out of mind, to listen to this every Christmas Season (often several times a season). This was the first listening of the 2015 season.

We sung along with Larry and Manuel on Feliz Navidad (“Which means ‘Merry Christmas’, in Spanish. It also has some other words which mean, ‘I wish you a prosperous year and happiness’. Right Manuel?”).

We belted it out with Archibald on The Boars Head Carrol. (“A lovely song with a fascinating story behind it. It is said that many years ago a student at Oxford’s Queens College was attacked on Christmas Day by a wild boar. All he had in his hand to use as a weapon was his copy of Aristotle, so he shoved the book in the animal’s mouth, choking it. Wanting to retrieve his book the student cut off the animals head and brought it back to college where it was served for Christmas dinner with much pulp and ceremony. True Story!”)

We clapped our hands as Plamy sang a Calypso version of Angels We Have Heard on High. (It’s a song we sing every christmas in Jamaica!)

It was right after The 8 Polish Christmas Dishes (sung to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas) and before The Big Medley when Bob the Tomato stands up (“This is sitting; this is standing”) and says:

Come on Pa, Junior, Jimmy and Jerry, all you little french pea guys! This is the best Christmas ever!!!

I began to cry.

Not a sobbing ugly cry, but a silent rush of emotion that made my eyes go blurry and my nose tingle just a little. No one else saw (thankfully).

This had never happened before. I had never been this emotional listening to A Very Veggie Christmas.

Maybe I’m just getting old. Or maybe I just got caught up in the excitement of road trips and getting to see family and having to study for finals the next week.

But, I don’t think so.

I think I started to cry because I realized that every year I get to spend celebrating the Incarnation of Christ with my family and church family and friends makes it truly the best Christmas ever.

Thanks Veggies.



I hope every one had a wonderful christmas. My family sure did. 4 days of cooking, feasting, giving, talking, watching movies, playing games and eating sugar. How was your Christmas? I love to hear from you! 🙂 



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