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12-15 in 158 Words

Here we are. I am currently 4 full days into Christmas break, and I’m just now sitting down to have a word with you.

The most handsome gingerbread girl I’ve ever decorated. That really is saying a lot.

The last 2 weeks have been good. I’ve taken a certification test for school and passed, decorated gingerbread people, been on a road trip, colored several coloring pages, taken final exams and finished the semester, and I’ve got almost all of my christmas shopping done.

No, this is what I’m getting you, Caleb. You can thank me later.


I’m so excited to reveal all the surprises, and cook all the food, and sing all the songs and, make all the memories, and give all the worship during the celebration over the next few days.

A freshly colored motif from a ‘Nordic Designs’ coloring book

I’m also looking forward to the time after Christmas when I can plan for the new year. Let’s talk again soon, Okay?



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