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Autumn in Photos and Songs

One of my resolutions for 2015 was:

Start a blog. Only post when I have something to say/show; never apologize for not posting.

Between school and teaching piano lessons and wanting to sleep late in the mornings, I haven’t posted in forever and a day. And I’m trying really hard not to feel guilty about that.

I do hope that you’ve had an amazing September, October as well as a great start to November. I sure have.

I picked flowers,
That face you make when your brother says something ridiculous right before he snaps a picture of you…
Went to the College Student Conference with the BSU from my college,
Went to all the home games for my college with the boys,
Some games weren’t that close, but we had fun anyway. I sent this picture to my sister and said: “Look who we saw at the football game tonight. Old Merlin!”
We made apple fritters,
And fried them,
and drizzled them with sugar, and gobbled them up.
I got a hair cut,
And I actually got to spend a little time outdoors,
and enjoy all the crazy fungi growing this time of year.

I’m looking forward to the holidays. It’s only a little more than a week until Thanksgiving break begins. I’m not necessarily looking forward to all the responsibilities that I have to perform in the next few weeks and months, such as taking a certification test, making decisions about college after I get my associates degree in May, taking on 20 hours of classes starting in January, and other (good) things I can’t share just yet.

These are a few random songs that have been playing in the back of my mind through the last few months when I think about all of these upcoming responsibilities.

Happy Friday! Maybe you’ll hear from me again soon.



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