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Five Minute Friday: Celebrate


It’s just been one of those weeks fortnights, you know.

Bad news, scary news, heartbreaking events, discouraging results, no progress, too much to do, tough situations, discouraging conversations, worried/weepy nights, stressful/sweaty days, not enough sleep, sleeping too much, too cold, too hot, not fast enough …

Not thankful enough.

In the middle of a rough couple of weeks, I needed Wednesday night. I needed an hour to sit still with my family and listen to the Word. I needed another hour to listen to my family and talk to them. I needed that time to remember why I was praying for them, and why I can trust they are praying for me. I needed that time to meet the visitors that found our family that night. I needed to hear that our family isn’t the only family out their. I needed to remember that bad weeks fortnights don’t last forever.

As I left church Wednesday Night, I was celebrating. I  felt so thankful for my church family and the way they share with one another. I felt thankful for the visitors we had that night and for their encouraging words.

As I left, I was celebrating, because God made the Church.


Hey Guys. I found this website a few weeks ago, and liked the idea. This is my first time to join in the fun.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Celebrate

  1. Wow, how good it is to read this, this morning! What really smacked me was when I got to “… Not thankful enough”! I have been guilty, in the same way, lately. Paying attention to the tough stuff, dealing with the scary stuff that I don’t want to exist, I can get distracted from the blessings, and the Blesser, and gratitude is definitely the remedy!
    Thanks for this.
    Hope your rough stuff settles down now.


  2. Beautiful post! Such an encouragement … and so thrilled that you found Five Minute Friday! I certainly hope that you come back and join in again! May your coming weeks be filled with the Lord’s presence and grace.


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