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SRC: Mug Cake

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I’ve been back at college for 2 weeks now. But honestly, I’m not done with summer yet. Partly because I still have several Summer Recipe Challenges to tell you about. Maybe I’ll be able to tell you about all of them before we hit the official beginning of Autumn, in about 2 weeks.

Today, I want to tell you about a mug cake.


If you didn’t already know, mug cakes are single serving cakes, baked in the microwave. The first time we ever had mug cakes, from recipe in a magazine which shall remain nameless, they turned out to be a mess. They overflowed in the microwave as the cooked. The cakes rose straight up out of the mugs into tall funny shapes, when they we fully cooked, and after cooling for a short time they settled into dense, pack-y  masses. They weren’t that great, they weren’t worth the mess, and we never made that recipe again.

Since then though we have tried other recipes, sometimes they turned out well, sometimes, not so well. I eventually decided mug cakes were very persnickety and you never know if one will turn out just like the recipe says.

Then, one Sunday night in July, I got a hankering for a mug cake, mostly started by my sister, who had just made one that turned out well. I asked her what she used, how she made it. She just told me to go look up a recipe on Pintrest.

Thanks Sis.

I mean it, really. Thank you!

This is the one I found. It stood out from the crowd. You should definitely go read the post, but here’s what I got from it:

Don’t put egg in a mug cake.

Basically, if a regular 8-10 serving cake has 2 or 3 eggs, putting a whole egg, or even just a yolk or white, is way too much egg for a single serving cake. It will be too dense and spongy.


At first, when I was mixing it up in a little bowl, I was afraid it would be too much cake batter for the mug I was going to use (a straight sided, 8 oz). But when I poured it into the mug, I decided it would probably be okay, it only filled it about halfway. I added a glop of peanut butter and stuck it in the microwave for the recommended amount of time, watching it carefully to make sure it did not overflow.


To my surprise, it did not spill over, when I took it out it looked like it had cooked through, and it actually looked fluffy, like a cake should.


It was fluffy, and delicious, and turned out to be the best mug cake I’ve ever made.

**Note: I’ve made this recipe 3 times total, and the results have been consistent every time. Not all mug cakes aren’t doomed to flop. 🙂


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