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SRC: The First Failure

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Well, untill the week of July 24, I’d had nothing but successes with my new recipes. At least most of the family was happy to eat any and all of the new recipes I set before them.

That week was different. Let me tell you about it.

The Menu:


Asian Pork Salad (Adapted from this book)


Pot Stickers (Also from this book)

The salad was what failed. The cabbage was far to coarse. It should have been sliced finer. My brother said he didn’t “understand” the noodles in the salad. I had to agree with him. Some of the noodles were puffy and crisp, others were just brittle and hard. None of them tasted very good. The best part of the salad  was, in my opinion, the sugar snap peas. They were so wonderful! The pork I sautéed for the top was good, but not outstanding, and the dressing was ok.

The pot stickers were the success. Aside from the fact that they were true to their name, and stuck to the pot, and then some of them fell apart after I tried to un-stick them with a spatula.  And aside from the fact that we had mostly tiny little egg roll wrappers, and they were very tedious to fold. Technicalities aside, they were delicious. I could have eaten a dozen of them.

Thankfully my mom was able to rescue the remainder of salad from going to the chickens, by cutting the cabbage smaller and making a different, thicker, salad dressing. We had it for Sunday dinner, two days later. We still regretted the noodles though, because after being in the fridge for two days, they had turned rubbery, and still, no one could understand them.

Guys, I go back to college 1 week from today. Summer is nearly over! I’m still not sure whether I’m excited, or dreading it. Either way, I’ll talk to you again soon. 🙂


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