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SRC: Happy Birthday Mama!

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It was late on a Friday evening. As usual my siblings and I were staying up late to “party” after our parents went to bed. But this friday night was special. It was the eve of Mama’s birthday, and we had things to do. We turned on Netflix to muffle some of the different noises, just incase the parents got suspicious. Then we brought out the kraft paper and tape and scissors and a big box containing a brand new ice cream maker. My brothers wrapped the  while I peeled peaches for breakfast the next morning.

By the time we went to bed there was a big purple polkadot box and a small purple bag waiting for Mama when she got up. There was also a bowl of peaches in the refrigerator waiting to be made into Peach Pie Scones, when I got up.


The next morning I got up extra early (for a Saturday) to make sure I was up before Mama. The scone recipe was easy, but just so you know, it’s not a very large recipe. I mixed up the dough and pressed it out onto a  cookie sheet, and using pizza cutter I cut it into 6 generous wedges, and popped it into the oven.

About a minute latter I realized that 6 pieces wasn’t going to cut it. (I’m so sorry guys! I hate puns.) My sister had spent the night with a friend and she and her friend were going to be there for breakfast too. So I took the scones out of the oven and divided them into 12, and put them back in.

Next, I mixed pure whipping cream, powdered sugar and a little vanilla, and made the best glaze (in my opinion) I’ve ever made in my life!

So smooth, so thick


When the scones were done I made some coffee, pulled out some of Mama’s nice dishes and set everything out for breakfast. (Which I sadly didn’t get a picture of. 😦 )

Everyone enjoyed the scones!

Then we got Mama to open her surprise.

We made (peach) ice-cream that afternoon.


The wonderful day ended with surprise visit from old out-of-town friends.

I’m so thankful for my mom and all she does for my family, all she’s sacrificed, all she’s taught me, all of her encouragement and dedication to taking care of our family.

Happy Birthday Mama!



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