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SRC: Soup and Sandwiches

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When we were younger, my mom used to take my sister and I  to the dentist school to get out dental work done. It was a long drive up there, about a hour to get the work done, sometimes more than that waiting for the dental student’s teacher to come check their work (in your mouth!) and then a long drive home.

It makes the dental work seem futile, but after it, I was always hungry. Clean teeth, empty belly.

On the long drive home, we passed dozens of fast food chains, multiple fruit stands (one in particular boasting homemade ice cream), and one sign that said:



That sign always got me. A hot sandwich? A cold icy coke? That sounded wonderful after two hours of dental work.

Well this week as I was making my new recipe(s) of the week I was reminded of that sign.

The Menu:

Chicken Tortellini Soup

Tomato Mozzarella, Fancy Grilled Cheese

It was a delicious super. Maybe better suited for October than July, but we don’t have fresh garden tomatoes in October. The soup was chunky and delicious. Now I want to make other soups.

The sandwiches, which I made on our contact grill, were hot and wonderful, just like the sign on the way home from the dentist school made them sound. The cheese was super stringy and the homemade basil pesto on them was just what they needed.



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