Summer Recipe Challenge

SRC Week 2 : Indian Food

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It was about 11 PM on a Thursday night. My sister and I were trying to get ready for bed. My brothers were trying to delay bedtime as long as possible. I was also trying to decided what recipe I wanted to make next for my Summer Recipe Challenge. I had opened the Pintrest app on my iPhone, and was browsing through pins on my Summer Recipe Challenge board. I handed my phone to my brother Luke and said:

“What should I make.”

He took it and began to study. After a few oo’s and ah’s over some of the recipes, he saw this pin, and said:

“Make that!”

It was Indian food. As in, Asian Indian food.

I wanted to try,  but I was kind of nervous about it. I’ve never eaten Indian food only once. I enjoyed it. But I wasn’t sure how to make it and do it authentically.

I’m so thankful of Pintrest. I used it to find all my recipes for this meal. And every dish turned out so great. (Even though one, did make the house a little smokey). My brother, Luke, also offered input because he has eaten at an Indian restaurant several time as he worked out-of-town. So he has become the household authority on Indian food.

For this meal, I enlisted the help of my sister. She’s the best baker I know personally. Also she was quite helpful and willing to procure specific Indian spices, like Garam Masala and Coriander, among other things, that really made this meal special.

Here’s what we made:

Chicken Tandoori

The powerful yogurt based marinade
Chicken breasts

Sadly, I didn’t get a photo of the final product. 😦

But I can tell you that me cooked it on our contact grill, and it was deliciously tender and juicy. 🙂



This picture was taken in a rush. My sister and I were trying to roll out naan, cook naan, and keep the chicken Tandoori from burning, all while trying not to breath too much smoke from the burning skillet.

I had my doubts, at first, but it came out beautifully. We brushed on some butter and added a few cilantro leaves when they were done. They were quite tender and plain, like it should be.



That’s what we’ll call it anyway.

The original recipe had Pigeon Peas. (I don’t even know what that is.) We used chick peas instead. It also had spinach and tomatoes along with several different spices. It was different; way more flavorful than most of the vegetable sides we normally eat. We all enjoyed it.

In all our first time to make Indian food was big success. We all enjoyed it, and we will probably make it again some time. Especially now that we have a large quantity of garam masala in our spice rack!

So let me know what you think. Have you ever taken on a big cooking project, and had doubts about its success? Tell me in the comments! Also, be sure to visit the links and check out the great recipes for yourself!



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