Summer Recipe Challenge: Introduction

Little ImageI like to make lists at New Years. I wouldn’t call them resolutions as much as they are goals for the year. Some of them are random, like:

Start a blog. Only post when I have something to say/show; never apologize for not posting. 


Learn to play the organ.

Others are more calculated:

Finish the Quilt I’ve been working on for 5+ years.

Learn to Pray better.

Also, I like to make lists for short-term goals, such as over Christmas or Spring Break:
Play several board/card games
Drink Hot Chocolate
Listen to Veggie Tails Christmas Party with my siblings
Paint my toenails
Help plant the garden
Balance my checkbook

So when I finally realized I was ready to start Summer, I made a list of all the goals I wanted to reach, or at least strive towards. Here are a few:

Take Economics online
Become a PHP master
Have a tea party
Pick and put away many vegetables
Finish 5 booksRead 3 new books
Practice piano everyday
Finish Memorizing Romans 4
Cook Something new every week

Some of these I just threw into the list as they popped into my mind. The last one was one of those.

I realized that, 1) I had tons of recipes on pinned on Pintrest that I really wanted to try, 2) I have 15 glorious Summer weeks off, 3) I also have access to lots of fresh, delicious, home-grown or locally grown produce in the Summer, 4) my mom would be happy for me to take over at least one meal a week, and 5) my family would enjoy trying some fresh experiments from the kitchen.

So with that, I started a new Pintrest board and began planning all the exciting recipes I’ve been wanting to make for so long.

This past Thursday I made my first new recipe. I plan to post about it (and all of the new recipes I make this summer); successes, failures, and all the details, soon. So stay tuned!

What are some of your goals for this year? This Summer? This week? Tell me in the comments!



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