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A word for the start of Finals Week

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So this is finals week for me at college. I begin it knowing that I have 2 lab Practicals, 3 cumulative tests, and 2 chapter tests over today, tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ve been dreaming, slightly distressing dreams, about finals for a couple nights. Why am I dreading it so much, you ask? Well,

I’m studying technology, and I have absolutely no faith in technology. It fails you right when you need it to be on it’s best behavior. (How many times have you seen an important person stand up to speak, and their microphone decides to squeal/snap/crackle/pop?)

Well, this past week technology failed me. Again.

A hard drive that I spent weeks preparing for my final today, decided it was too old, wanted to finish the remainder of its 10 years in peace, and it wouldn’t let me make an image of it. With the help of my instructor, I was able to get what I needed for today. But it’s not just how I want it, and that really bothers the perfectionist in me.

Technology failed me, but I’m trying not to worry,

because I know Christ will never fail me.

Christ is in me. He redeems my failures and turns them into gifts from Him. He uses the most stressful parts of my day to teach me that He is my peace. He’s uses my greatest discouragements to remind me that I must have confidence in Him alone. He turns my worry into prayer and my fear and despair into worship.

He doesn’t turn my bad day into a good day.

He uses the bad days to draw me to Himself.



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