Playing Catan

My sister and I were standing in the middle of Barnes and Nobel studying a small display of board games. We were in the middle of Pre-Christmas shopping (as in not the weekend before Christmas, Christmas Shopping.)

Nearly all the games we were looking at had those things around them to detect intrusion: a circular device with black wires coming out of it that if your try to take it off, a red light will blink and beep. (I know this because my brothers and I accidentally triggered one at Sam’s Club, once. Oops…) So Barnes and Nobel obviously thought these games were pretty valuable.

As we stood there I drew my sister’s attention to a game I had heard some people talking about being a lot of fun. It was called The Settlers of Catan.

“Yeah, I was thinking about getting Apples to Apples for Caleb, but maybe this would be more fun,” she said.

“Well, Apples to Apples would be fun too,” I replied.

And then we had to leave.

A few weeks later, my sister called me in to our room and closed the door.

“Come look!” she said.

She opened a cardboard box to reveal a smaller orange and red box with a drawing of medieval characters on the front, like the one we had seen at Barnes and Nobel.

“Oh, you got The Settlers of Catan” I said. So we opened it up and looked at the pieces and instructions, just to make sure everything was there.

So she gave it to Caleb for Christmas, and we soon figured out how to play it. It has become one of our favorite games. When we have a few spare hours on a weekend, we pull it out and set to conquering the untamed wilderness.

What are some of your favorite board games? Have you ever played The Settlers of Catan before?



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