New Orleans


On spring break this year I went with the BSU at my college on a short mission trip to New Orleans.

We spent a lot of time in the downtown area doing odd jobs, praying and inviting locals to the little church plant that we were helping out. We also spent a lot of time driving, because the church we were helping was about 20 minutes from the church we were sleeping at. On the drive we saw many interesting houses. I loved seeing them all, they were so different from what I’m used to.

One night while we were there, I was slowly browsing  through photos on my favorite free, high-resolution photo resource using the 3G on my iPhone, I came across the photo above and froze.

I thought: I’ve seen this before.

I eventually came to the conclusion that we had driven past it some time that day or the day before. I hoped we might pass it again the next day, just to prove to myself I wasn’t loosing my mind, but we didn’t.

I had a lovely time in New Orleans. I may write more about it soon.

So what about you. Have you been on any interesting trips this spring? Are you planning any travels soon?



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